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Welcome to Rocky Mountain Security Service!

We began servicing the Gallatin Valley in 1975 and we have become the premier security service in the entire state of Montana. Rocky Mountain Security Service is the most recognized and respected security company in the South-West Montana because we set the highest standards in the industry. We have developed a strong working relationship with the law enforcement community and the general public. It is our continuous goal to provide professional quality service to our clients at all times.

Winston Morrisey and Ed Self started Rocky Mountain Security Service. Our Operations Manager, Phil Bentley, was our first employee. Winston, a former law enforcement officer, was also an instructor at the Law Enforcement Academy in Bozeman for ten years. His years of experience and talent set the standard for our company and our employees.

Winston bought out Ed and continued to manage the company. Winston was well known and highly respected by law enforcement officers around the country. Due to his reputation, he was able to combine local law enforcement and Rocky Mountain Security to form a cohesive and effective bond. That is why we are the only security company in the state that has direct radio communication with the Bozeman Police, Gallatin County Sheriff's Department, and Highway Patrol dispatchers. We continue to assist these law enforcement agencies by responding to our accounts as key holders and as an extra set of eyes. When we perform these types of duties, it frees the sworn officers to get back on the streets sooner. This way we help provide the entire community and help ensure the safety of its citizens.

In 1992, Tom Decker bought Rocky Mountain Security from Winston. In that same year, Stewart Cook was hired on as an Patrol Officer. He bought the company ten years later where he currently remains owner to this day.

Security means protection. Security Officers have a direct responsibility for the welfare and safety of clients' employees and property. Clients rely on us to insure that their policies and regulations are followed in a safe, efficient, and courteous manner.

Secure, Deter, Protect